Introduction into Birding

Platform view


Follow this "Early morning" event and visit Dalarnas best birding platform with about 250 different observed species!
An experienced bird watcher will introduce you to the world of birding!


Bird watchingMarking beards with rings Tovsvipa - picture taken by Lars Hansson - Orsa SwedenGulärla - Picture taken by Lars Hansson - Orsa Sweden


We meet at the birding platform at AM 7:00. Together we explore the view from this scenic spot that attracts about 250 different bird species and our guide will point out certain interesting birds for you and explain about them.  Our guide will also focus his monocular on some interesting birds and tell you about their yearly movements and what makes this place so attractive to them. Later on we continue into a peaceful forest nearby where we experience soft layers of mosses to walk on. As this is a different habitat it is attractive to different bird species. Of course you can stay in the area after the end of the guided tour. At weekends there are are spontaneous bird marking activities at the platform that might be interesting to watch, too.

Follow this event and discover the world of birding!

Date: This tour is offered on Wednesdays and Sundays from May to September. Pre-booking required!

Event time: approx. 2 hours

Participants: 6 – 12 participants

Price: SEK 450:- per person or SEK 300:- per child < 18 years

Place & time: Meeting place is at the birding platform (see map). The event starts at 7:00 AM and ends 9:00 AM if nothing else is announced.

This is included: Experienced and knowledged guide

Languages: Swedish, English

More: Recommended age from 6 years. Participants should bring binoculars and snacks or breakfast pack (ask at your host when breakfast is included in your plan). We recommend that you wear weatherproof clothes for the tour, long sleeve shirts and long trousers. Please visit Björn & Vildmark’s homepage for more information.

Optional: Overnight stay in 4-bed cabin ( from SEK 400:- )

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Introduction into Birding

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