Hidden Pearls - Guided Tour

Traces of forgotten times

The Hidden Pearls Tour introduces you to the most beautiful spots in Orsa Finnmark.
We visit spots that wittness from nature as it had been before human settlement and we show traces of an ancient culture.
Experience Nature at its' best!

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On this day trip we show you the most amazing spots in the surrounding! The best of it: These places are far offside the tourist trails so you enjoy great nature mainly in privacy. We will visit an old mill and stamp that are still in functioning state and we will explore their construction and mechanisms. On our further way we pass through an area where we find plenty of glaciar boulders left from the more than 1000 m thick ice layer that once was covering Scandinavia. We even visit a reserve where water has formed a unique landscape. At this place live utters and it is considered the most southern stream where the freshwater pearl mussel might have survived the exploatation of streams in Europe with a fertile population. Here we even have the chance to take a bath in natural pools when the weather is suitable. After lunch we explore an ancient mine where the element Nickel was discovered once ago. We round up this trip in Hamra National Park with a guided tour through untouched wilderness and get impressed by the magic of pure nature that this place has plenty of.

Follow this informative excursion and discover the Hidden Pearls in Nature!

Date: This tour is offered from June to September. Pre-booking required!

Excursion time: approx. 9 hours

Participants: 6 – 12 participants

Price: SEK 1495:- per person.

Place & time: Meeting place is Björn & Vildmark in Kvarnberg, 45 km north from Orsa, at European road 45. (First entrance, follow the sign Björn & Vildmark). The event starts at 9:00 in Kvarnberg and ends 18:00 if nothing else is announced. Transport during excursion occurs by participants own car. We drive on forest roads.

This is included: Experienced guide, visit of bear research exhibition, entrance fee. Guided tour at the mine and in the National Park. Food and coffee at an open fire place.

Languages: Swedish, English, German

More: Recommended age from 9 years. Participants should be able to walk freely in the forest. We walk in between 2 – 3 km in different kinds of terrain. Difficulty: easy/middle. We recommend that you wear weatherproof clothes for the tour, long sleeve shirts and long trousers, camera, binocular and snacks packet when needed. Please visit Björn & Vildmark’s homepage for more information.

Optional: Overnight stay in 4-bed cabin (from SEK 400:- )

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