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Partnership with naturum Dalarna

Partnership with naturum Dalarna - Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We are proud to announce that naturum Dalarna and Björn & Vildmark have agreed on a partnership from December 2014 on. We will collaborate regarding information about nature with a main focus on protected areas. We will also collaborate in making the protected nature more available for tourists. From summer 2015 we will arrange guided tours into different reserves in both Dalarna and Gävleborg county. Even our informative bear excursions will be part of naturums summer program 2015.
You are welcome to read more in our Hidden Pearls section.


3-Day Bear Research Excursion

Creep into the skin of a bear researcher! We combine our famous overnight excursion with a special event: Follow a bear study on spot and learn about the every day life of a field researcher. Additionally we include a ticket into the bear park so you can discover the bear as species with the knowledge you got during the event.

Bear Research Excursion

The bear research excursion introduces you to the recent research methods. You get the chance to try out the radio tracking equipment and follow a researcher into the bear habitat to learn about signs and tracks. The brown bears life cycle is also part of the excursion. Duration: 5 - 6 hours

Overnight Bear Research Excursion

Follow a bear researcher into the bear habitat and stay overnight in the cabins in Kvarnberg. We introduce you to the current research and hike to an abandonned bear den. On our way we look out for tracks from the local bears. Overnight stay and breakfast is included in the price. Duration: 1 day with overnight stay

Small Bear Research Excursion

A bear excursion for the whole family! We learn about the bear markings in the research exhibition and do an easy hike out into the wild and visit a bear den. On our way we look out for tracks from the resident bears. The information and concept is tailored to both children and adults. Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Fulufjället National Park

Follow this enchanting tour into Fulufjäll National Park. Visit Swedens highest waterfall (Njupeskär) and hike to the worlds oldest tree (Old Tjikko) together with an experienced guide.

Hamra National Park

Follow a guide to Hamra National Park and enjoy the atmosphere of this enchanted primary forest. Beside information about ecology you also learn about history and culture of the first settlers of this area.

Hidden Pearls - Guided Tour

Hidden Pearls is the flag ship of our guided trips into the wild! We visit great spots of ancient culture, experience great nature and finish the trip with a guided tour in Hamra National Park. Duration: 8-9 hours

Introduction into Birding

Birding from Dalarnas best birding platform. The area attracts thousands of birds on their yearly travels in between summer and winter habitat. Join an experienced birder and learn about the species passing through.

Koppången Reserve - Guided Tour

Excursion with the main topic about forest ecology. Aim is to experience primary forests of different kind and to learn about the meaning of biodiversity. The tour is set into evening and morning hours to be able to enjoy wildlife activities.