Conference & Meetings


No matter if you want to meet with your former school friends, have a family gathering or want to have a workgroup meeting offside the big cities: Here at Björn & Vildmark we can offer you a calm and stimulating environment for your next gathering. Meet in our conference house with open fire place that is suitable for workgroups from 2 – 20 people. Additionally you can take advantage of our lecture room that is connected to the Brown Bear Research Exhibition. Video beamer with VGA connector is available. For recreational purpose you can take walks or hire our wood fired sauna in the forest. We have an open fire place even outside the conference house where you can enjoy the view, fresh air and barbecue.

Catering: We collaborate with several catering services who offer a variation of locally produced food . Of course you can choose self-catering if you want to.

Group sizes: From 2 – 20 persons

Service: Sheets, linen and towels

Infrastructure: WiFi available on demand

Options: For group entertainment we collaborate with local artists. We can also arrange slide talks or excursions tailored for your needs! Just send us your ideas and we come back to you with suggestions.


Conference house: From SEK 800:- / evening or from SEK 2000:- / day.


  • Departure cleaning SEK 1000:-
  • Cabins at Björn & Vildmark from SEK 400:- / night

Björn & Vildmark facilities: From SEK 4500:- / day
(including 5 cabins à 4 beds, conference house, sauna and lecture room):


  • Sheets, linen & towel: From SEK 100:- / set
  • Departure cleaning: SEK 2000:-

Catering: Prices on request