Small Bear Research Excursion


We meet in Kvarnberg – in one of the most bear dense areas of Sweden. Here we meet Andrea or Gunther who are working with bear research since 1998. They take us through an exhibition where we get a brief introduction on how research on wildlife bears is done. When we have learned about how to immobilize a bear we head for the bear area. We visit a recently used den where we search for traces from bears. Some of the bears in the area have been radio marked. You can try the method that is used for localizing them without disturbing them. After some fundamental information about the bears’ life we round off this experience full tour into the wilderness and leave the bear area and get back to civilization.

Follow this thrilling bear excursion and learn more about this fascinating carnivore!

Date: This tour is offered from May to September. Pre-booking required!

Excursion time: ca 2 hours

Participants: 3 – 15 participants

SEK 1440:- per family (2 parents+2 children),
SEK 540:- per additional adult
SEK 360:- per additional child

Place & time: Meeting place is Kvarnberg, 45 km north from Orsa, at European road 45. (First entrance, follow the sign: Björn & Vildmark). The event starts at 10:00 in Kvarnberg and ends 12:00 if nothing else is announced. Transport during excursion occurs by participants own car. We drive on forest roads.

This is included: Guide with long experience of bear research, visit of bear research exhibition, guided tour to bear den.

Languages: Swedish, English, German

More: Recommended age 5 years. Participants should be able to walk freely in the forest. We walk in between 100 – 300 m in different kinds of terrain. Difficulty: easy/middle. We recommend that you wear weatherproof clothes, waterproof shoes or boots for the tour, long sleeve shirts and long trousers, camera, binocular, water bottle and snacks. Please visit Björn & Vildmark’s homepage for further information. Rubber boots can be hired for SEK50:- per day when the size is registered at least 2 weeks in advance.


  • Lectures on bear research and bear biology.
  • Overnight stay in 4-bed cabin (from SEK 500:-).