Stay overnight in the bear habitat and enjoy the feeling to have escaped every day life.
Our cabins offer basic but cozy comfort and bring you easily back to the roots
and show what really matters for your well being.

Our outdoor/nature inspired conference house allows to socialize around the open fire place and gives the little extra comfort that can be needed on bad weather days.

Cabins in Kvarnberg

Cabins in Kvarnberg
Cabins in Kvarnberg
4 beds per cabin
Self catering facility and small fridge
Toilet and warm shower in extra facility
Open fire place for barbecue in front of the cabins
Amazing view of about 50 km range

Price:  from SEK 400:- per night

Meetings and Conference

conference house
conference house

Entirely wooden construction
Self catering facility and fridge
Open fire place you can gather around
Extra oven for cold days

Price: from SEK 800:- per evening or SEK 2000:- per day.